Sports tape or the Athletic tape is a great tool that provides adequate support and stabilizes the player’s joints and ligaments that are prone to injuries while playing. Injuries such as strained muscles and tendons or sprained ankles and soft tissue could happen either due to overextending or improper landing and are most common damages that players sustain on the field and many of these injuries can be avoided if the body is supported by a good quality Sports Tape at the appropriate areas.

What is a sports tape and why is it used?

Sports tape is considered one of the most important of sports medicine and performs as first aid for treating injured athletes and also to prevent injuries from happening.

Sports Tape

These tapes are mostly made of highly absorbent cotton substrate with an adhesive backing. Sports Tape is usually applied using specific technique for providing support to the muscles and tendons from being exposed to strain and injury while playing on the field. The most vulnerable to injuries in sportsmen are the joints in the shoulders, ankles, knees and wrist and by using various taping techniques they can be protected properly.

Sports tapes though used mainly for protecting sportsmen from new injuries they can also protect injuries already existing from further damage and enable faster recovery. Sports tapes are found to be most crucial during times when the joint has lost its stability and has become severe necessitating a tight tape job to ensure that the area is not injured further.

Various types of sports tapes

Traditional sports tapes are quick thick and non elastic in comparison to kinesio tape. A prewrap, which helps to avoid retention of moisture that causes skin irritation, is to be used with this. Since this tape has harsh adhesive which can cause skin rash it is not be left on for long periods.

The therapeutic tape is a lot thinner and more elastic that the traditional sports tape; it is designed in such a way that it can functions just as real human skin. This tape is made porous for releasing moisture easily and hence can be worn for several days without requiring reapplication.

Athletic taping is more helpful during rehabilitation and recovery while Kinesio tape is best for supporting muscles and joints while increasing blood flow and lymphatic fluids and can reduce swelling and inflammation faster accelerating the healing process in the body.

Strapping tape is for protecting the skin from abrasion and chafing and is most appropriate for holding foam padding, shin guard and splints in place.

Factors to consider while buying sports tape

Sports tape is very crucial for preventing injury to sportsmen during long periods of intense activity as such needs to be selected with care.

The market is flooded with sports tapes some of which do not measure up to the required quality and this can happen even if the products are in the high price range. Testing the product samples before purchasing is very essential.

Watch for the following features in the sports tape you wish to purchase:

Adequate support



Ease of use

Skin friendly

So, choose wisely, go for a sports tape that is high in breathability, is water and sweat resistant, and has proper adhesion; this ensures your sports tape is good value for money spent.